Thursday, July 5, 2012

Engagement Photos

Engagement photos were done by my fabulous cousin. No one has gotten a copy. >.> Of any of them. I should get on that.

$2 Centerpieces

This was another idea I floated by on Pinterest. There are quite a few versions of this, actually. I kept the original bottle labels on, as most are painted on...

I attached silver ribbon on the two bottles in the back.
The flowers are from the dollar store, sunflowers and baby's breath.

All in all... Mine is probably a lot cheaper than most on Pinterest. Plus we enjoyed most of the alcohol. I think only one of them just got dumped out...

DIY Guestbook

I found this (it's under 5/27, "Envelope Guest Book.") idea on Pinterest when I first started looking around for guestbooks. Except I wanted something sort of like what my cousin had... (It had the guestbook sign-in, gift list, and a scrapbook like thing in the back.)

So this is my set up. The envelope box in the back is made with layers of tissue paper around a shoe box, with a hole cut through the top for cards and gift cards.
A bucket of water for the sweltering heat was provided by my grandparents. A basket containing bubbles my cousin put together was provided by my aunt. I used a cranberry juice container to become a pen holder after weighing it down with yellow and green rocks, ribbon around the container.
I made an "instruction" frame for the guestbook. It says leave a note with your name for the new couple to open later, seal it with a sticker so no one else uses your spot.
One of the silver dishes hold the folded inserts to write on and the other holds the stickers to seal the envelope. The dishes were provided by my dad.

Anyway, the guestbook is made from a black, blank scrapbook, no sleeves, it's the actual page inserts. I bought the extra pages and scrapbook from Hobby Lobby during a 50% off sale. I put the book together and set off to find envelopes I liked.

The envelopes are from LeasTreasures, they measure 2.25"x2.25", while the mini folded inserts measure 2"x2".
There are 9 envelopes per page, 3x3. I used double stick tape to adhere the envelopes to the pages.

The sealing stickers are cats from PinkiesPalace. They are 1" around.

This is the first page in the guestbook. It's the symbol I used in the invitations, the date, our names, and instructions to leave a comment, name, and seal the envelope with a sticker.
I put this together in Illustrator and printed it at home.
The logo was also done in Illustrator from a sketch I did of Josh and I.

(The picture frame is just a smaller version of this page, actually.)

This is so I know who to send Thank You cards and what for. There's also a space to check off as I write them.
This was put together in Photoshop and printed at home.

I haven't started scrapbooking the Wedding yet, or I'd show you pictures of that... I haven't gotten all of my photos back yet.

Something Old

This is the 57 year old surprise cake topper I was talking about.
It was the cake topper to my grandparent's on my mom's side. They've been married 57 years so far.

This is the veil I was talking about. 27 years old thus far. It was my mom's for her wedding. Original bow and everything. (That's my mom behind me, my grandma (her mom) adjusting it.)

It doesn't seem like a big deal, but I wanted... To incorporate some things from marriages that are inspiring to me. This seemed like the perfect way to do it.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Final Countdown

Down to the final portion of this, I suppose.

Bouquet is made.
Cake is being made.
Dresses and outfits are all pressed and ready to go.
A list of photos I want has been made...
The guestbook is assembled and chilling in my car to be shown to my grandma for proper set up.
The wedding license (and Josh's birth certificate) was acquired today...

Batteries are charging for my camera, the extra SD card is sitting in the case for it. 
Manicure/pedicure will be done tomorrow.
Picking a friend up from the Indianapolis Airport tomorrow.

I've got an emergency wedding kit assembled for Wednesday.
Our hotel bag is packed for Thursday.

I guess Wednesday's it, huh?

Monday, April 16, 2012


So I think all but a handful of invitations have been delivered and received by everyone! Which is fabulous news to hear. =)

I doubt anyone's as excited as I am; well... Maybe Andrea. My parents. Josh's parents... All of my grandparents...


So I got this really awesome cake topper for my cake... If you want to see it, you'll have to come to it. (I'll give you a hint though: It's 57 years old.)
And I got my veil for my dress. If you want to see it, you'll have to come see me in it. (I'll give you another hint though: It's around 27 years old.)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wedding Shower Invalid

So I sent out my invitations for everything on Tuesday (I'm talking Wedding Shower, Wedding, and Reception invitations, the whole sha-bang.) and I found out yesterday (Wednesday, the day after, of course) that the date for the Wedding Shower is actually invalid.


I hate that they were so... ghetto in the first place. Thin paper, but I loved the texture. I'm working on a budget, but I didn't want the invitations to reflect that. And now people have to take pen to the Wedding Shower invitation to make sure they remember the correct date. It's rather unfortunate.
But anyway, the show will move on. And hopefully everyone will read the Facebook message I sent to them. And maybe I will be able to get things sorted out.

This is a mess.